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L.A.’s Original Farmer’s Market Cookbook by JoAnn Cianciulli (Chronicle Books) is a great little walk through an American Farmer’s Market. In other words, the best of all worlds. I like this book because I like cookbooks which also tell a story and put the food into the context of where

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Spending my time with someone who works in cookbook writing and testing has made me look at books in a whole new way. My own experience with books made me appreciate the hard work that goes into the organization, but to see first-hand how much testing and skill goes into

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It manifested into a diagnosis of “IBS,” then “Interstitial Cystitis.” Over the years I had countless testing performed and always left with no answers. No one could tell me why this was happening, and when I was told by the last doc, “you’ll have to be on meds for the

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Giveaway: The wonderful people at Artisan books are allowing us to give away a few copies of this wonderful cookbook. To enter for your change to win a copy of The Kinfolk Table, tell us in the comments what your perfect fall gathering would be. We’ll choose our favorites! (Last

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The Hungry Girls’ Cookbooks are more like art-based magazines than straightforward cookbooks, and they are handmade, designed and written by three friends, Rachel Pitts (recipes), Katherine Bird (design and illustrations) and Leah Holscher (photography). It’s awesome when friends come together to produce something creative, and these girls have really done

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Thomas Keller Bouchon Bakery Cookbook: I went through a serious sad gir phase two years ago where I would take the subway to Columbus Square and eat Bouchon baked goods at the Time Warner Center. By myself. Every week. I thought it was pretty sad at the time, but now

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After a decade of co-authoring and recipe developing for some of the most successful and meaningful cookbooks on the market, Julia decided to write her very first solo cookbook. That book, Small Victories, is the sort of book you can only write once: a book that combines all 31 of

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I started researching online and found one dusty, lonely forum that had a discussion between some women who claimed that changing some of the food they ate helped them feel better. Could it be that simple?! I was not someone who would have started the vegetable fan club at the