How to Deal With Radon Gas In Your Home

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You may or may not already know about a natural gas called radon.  Basically it’s a gas which can get into your home and make you ill.  Some parts of the world are more affected by radon than others so you should find out whether it’s a problem in your area.  If it turns out that it is a problem then you really need to take action.  There’s no point in sitting around thinking that it couldn’t possibly affect you.  You need to learn how it gets into your home and how to get rid of radon.

Radon can get into your home be creeping through the small spaces between the soil and rock that is under your property.  It can also get into your home via the water supply however because of the way radon works, radon in your water is rarely a problem however you can get it checked out if you are concerned.

There are radon gas testing kits that you can buy and it’s important that you pay attention to the instructions.  If for example you tested the air in your attic you will find there is no radon there.  The radon comes out of the ground meaning you need to test a room which is on ground level.  Normally this is the basement.

Don’t worry too much about finding radon in your house.  It’s not as if your home will suddenly be deemed worthless.  There are things that can be done and it doesn’t have to involve a lot of work.  There is a barrier that can be placed in the basement of your home and this will stop the radon from getting in.  You will also want to ensure there is good ventilation so that if any radon does get into your home, it has a way of escaping without building up.

It’s really the building up of the radon that causes a problem in your home.  Outside in the open air the radon won’t cause you any ill health because it can dissipate.  However inside the gas gets trapped and the levels can get very high.  So if you suspect radon make sure you act quickly because it really is very bad for your health and has been linked to cancer.

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