Garage Door Types

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If you have a home you more than likely have a garage. The problem is that most people will treat the garage area like a stepchild when it comes to home maintenance and in time it can prove to be quite costly. Here’s an interesting little tidbit and something you probably didn’t know. Did you know that your homes largest moving part is the garage door, in most all cases? For almost all homes this holds true. And if you don’t take care of it, all those moving parts can stop working with time and wear.

The garage door, and if you have a garage door opener, need to be maintained just like your other home appliances and fixtures. You might even get into an occasion where you are planning on upgrading an existing garage by adding a new garage door or electric door opener. You might even be looking adding some more sufficient storage areas to it so you can stow away all those tools and seasonal items a bit better. If you’re like most people or really nothing more than a packrat, you can get some very odd and rather large collections going on in a garage that can simply make it unusable. But before we even get there, let’s start on the exterior of the garage itself and talk some about the different types of doors available.

There are basically two main types of garage doors. One model is a tilt-up and the others are sectional roll-ups. A roll-up garage door is one of the most common types on the market today. It’s basically made up of several “sections” that are hinged together and open and close on a roller system. The most popular are those that have the rollers on tracks but there are still some in use that use an actual roller system where the entire garage door looks like a rolled up carpet hanging from the top of your garage. They typically have a torsion spring across the top of the door that helps you when lifting it up as they can be quite heavy. Others may have extension springs along the side that will do the same. They easier of the two to install is the extension springs, but with a torsion spring model you won’t need to maintain it as much as you might the extension springs.

The second type are tilt-up garage doors. You may hear them called swing-up or one-piece doors as well. Basically they are a solid pane system mounted on hinges at the side with spings at the side to ease the lifting. The good benefit to these types of doors is that they are typically less expensive, but you will give up some headroom with this model. The downside to them is that they swing outward so you can’t park too close.

The similar thing about these two types of garage doors is that they are made in a variety of materials, they can both have the same style to them like either raised or recessed panels and they both can have windows and electric door openers installed for use.

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